Hi, I'm Liam McLoughlin and I'm doing a PhD.

I lived in Cambridge. I moved to Preston. I Now live in Manchester.
I have a fairly substantial video games collection. I also abuse technology a lot.
I take photos, film & digital.
I make some fairly idiotic comments. I sometimes write longer idiotic comments too.
I used to work for a fairly well known Member of Parliament.
I am currently a PhD Student looking at social media & political representation.
You are free to read my stuff or send me a message.


Conference Papers

McLoughlin, L., Ward, S., Gibson, R., & Southern, R. (2016).MPs, Twitter and the EU Referendum Campaign. Paper presented to the Elections, Parties and Opinion Polls Conference, University of Kent, September 8-10th  2016
McLoughlin, L., & Ward, S. (2017).Turds, Traitors and Tossers: The Abuse of UK MPs via Twitter. Paper presented to the European Consortium of Political Research Joint Sessions, University of Nottingham, April 25-29th 2017
McLoughlin, L., & Southern, R. (2017). By Any Memes Necessary: Memes and Online Campaigning in the 2017 UK General Election. Paper presented to the Political Studies Association Media and Politics Group Annual Conference, University of Hull, November 16-17 2017.

Mentioned in

Carmbrant, C. (May 3rd, 2014). Britterna väljer väg i valet (in Swedish). GP.SE
Chakleian, A.(December 21st, 2017).Why don’t all ministers resign for lying? The mystery of the sackable offence. Newstateman
Kobie, N. (April 14th, 2018). Fighting Trolls With Your Friends. New Scientist.




PhD Researcher

University of Salford, ' The Impact of Social Media on Political Representation in the United Kingdom'

Digital Marketing Manager



Parliamentary Assistant

Parliamentary Assistant to the Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP.



University of Salford

Graduated with First-Class degree in Politics Ba(hons)

The University of Manchester

Graduated with Distinction in Politics (MA)

Technical Experience

Political Communications / 75%
Political Representation / 88%
Internet Engagement / 69%
PhD progress / 78%