Hi! I’m Liam McLoughlin. This is my spot on the internet to place things

Welcome to my website where I share my thinks. A mix between political/communications analysis and my hobbies (photography and projects). Most of which will probably haunt me in the future.

Politics, Media & Society

What better way to celebrate the NHS hitting the big seven-zero than with a relevant hashtag #NHS70 and a bit of social network analysis(SNA)? For the uninitiated SNA is the process of looking at social... Read More
In my little series on the oddities of the Palace of Westminster, I am covering one of the more contentious complaints raised by both Members of Parliaments and the Lords: temperature, or more accurately, its... Read More
I love the Palace of Westminster. It’s truly one of them buildings I think everyone in the country should visit at least twice. It’s filled like an over amended bill with weird oddities, secret passageways,... Read More
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