I now have a solar powered website!

This is just a little update on a project I’ve long thought about, but has only started to come into fruition: A 100% solar powered website.

I’ve always loved the idea of green energy, and this project is about getting some real hands on experience with it and at the same time having a novel way to deliver a website.

I first designed Leelum.com back in 2015, and honestly, it’s looking a little dated, a little tired, and it’s about time it gets an redesign. At the same time, I’m thinking of swapping to self-hosting to a Raspberry Pi (because it’s cheaper, mostly). So the solar powered web-server is part of that long term plan that I’ll get around to when I finally finish my PhD.

The hardware is under testing right now, and you can visit it here: http://solar.leelum.com! It’s powered by a Raspberry Pi2, with a 100-watt solar panel, with a 12aH battery for providing the unit with power during the night, and particularly cloudy days.